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How to make 32 500 km for few months,  and why 42-year-old biker went to the northernmost point of Europe? The members of the motorcycle club GoldWing Club of Belarus shared with AUTO.TUT.BY share impressions of the motorcycle season.



"All my life I was crazy according motorcycles. I even pastured cows on the motorcycle"

42-year-old biker Valentin for the last season of "dashed off" about 20 thousand km. This year he conqure the northernmost point of Europe - North Cape. Trip one-way from Brest lasted about a month.

Фото: Дмитрий Босак

"From Norway went to Greece, via Estonia, Poland, Bulgaria ... I have a dream to visit French Brest. Next year I plan to make it. <...> When a person has some kind of finance, he moreover, than only love motorcycles, wants to travel. "

Today, traveling about the world, Valentine don’t leave his bike despite the weather or time of day. Love for two-wheeled mode of transport began from his childhood, and now has grown from a hobby into a business.


"All my life I was crazy according motorcycles. I even pastured cows on the motorcycle," - says the biker.

"A couple of people photographed, take someone on bike - earned somewhere $ 50"

In the nineties, during the crisis, Valentin went on his "Goldwing" (Gold Wing - model of touring bike; golden wings - translated from English. - Note the authors.) to the motofest in Odessa.


"In that time these motorcycles was not enough. We arrived at Deribasovskaya Street. People started to approach to me. Give me five grivna to take pictures. At  first I didn’t take. And then I thought: My God, I need somehow to go further, come back! Couple people photographed, take someone on bike - earned somewhere $ 50. I came the next day. And again earned. "

Enterprising biker decided to continue through the year and went to the Crimea. Things went uphill when Valentin moved to work in Sochi. Now he has ten motorcycles in ten different cities on the coast of Black Sea.

"I leave people the memory of the sea, bring some pleasure in life, make beautiful photo in a leather jacket on a motorcycle - extravagant, ridiculous and at the same time a pleasure."


"To shoot down at speed an elk - it's like crashing into the wall"

Biker Kostia sells motorcycles from America. Time to ride he has too - for the 2014 season, he passed on  a motorcycle about 32 500 km.

Фото: Дмитрий Босак

Previously Kostia had sport bike. After moving to the "adult" bike biker recognized that became less falls. But completely fallings are unavoidable.

"On the GoldWing fell in Gelendzhik. There was a slippery road - polished stones. I clocked up to 70-80 km / h. There was a problem with the rear brakes. The green light traffic lights up, in front goes the crowd from the beach. I pressed on the brakes, but they were out.  I squeeze the front brake up to the smoke and, just not coming to the crowd for five meters, put down "Goldwing" and a meter and a half before them he stopped. "


At the beginning of last season Kostia almost crashed into an elk near Pinsk.


"He was somewhere in the 30-50 meters from me. I went from Voronezh, was tired. It was about two o'clock in the morning. I look elk ran out into the road. I signaled and the started to stop. I understood that I don’t have enough time. Elk heard the sound and didn’t run off the road. He did a victory lap on the road. The speed was small, but could tumble much. To knock to the elk at speed - it's like crashing into a wall, "- says Kostia.



"In Europe, you can go just to ride"

An integral part of the life of bikers - motofests. This year, the Kostia ride a lot in Ukraine. Motorcyclist says that fests there are better there than in Belarus and in Europe - they take you with of their soulfulness.


Another country, according to Kostia, which is characterized by its hospitality - Moldova.


"I am shocked by the hospitality in Moldova! The people there are willing to be on hand for the fact that you came to them. They are all winemakers, they begin to carry you in their family vault, where the wine is stored," - says the rider.


Treffens in Europe, in Kostia’s  stories, it is not a suitable place for our bikers.


"To Europe you can go just to ride. Because of the difference in the mentality, European people do not understand us. They cannot simply believe that a boy of 25 years has such motorcycle. <...> In Europe to Goldwing Treffens come grandmums and grandfathers . Therefore, there is very boring. If you want to talk as we used at home, in Europe you will not see this dialogue, "- said the biker.



"Someone is engaged in tennis and someone likes the smell of iron, gasoline and dust"            

Motorcyclist Sergey bought his first bike in 50 years - a gift for himself. Prior to that, he went on different bikes, but he never had his own before.

Фото: Дмитрий Босак

"It gives me pleasure the process of driving. I just can go to nowhere. For me, the bike smells. I need to touch it. The man with the bike - as one unit. I can go and watch, fascinated, as the zombie, as wheel is spinning. Someone goes to the chess club, someone engaged in tennis, and someone likes the smell of iron, gasoline and dust. Someone is well in the road, "- Sergey shares sensations.


Five days a week, Sergey works in the representation of the German company, and on weekends prefer climbs out of the skin of an office worker.


"You ride to change your way of life. It is necessary to change myself for a few day, from clothes to transportation. You spend five nights in bed at home and spend two nights on the nature, on the shore of the lake in a tent, in other clothes, on the other vehicle, eat another food, hang out with like-minded people. I have a long road to this, but when came, dipped with the head, "- said the biker.



"Farewell of Slav" and greeting of residents of Brest

This year on May 9, Sergei went on a motorcycle in the city and put on in the player at full volume patriotic songs: "Farewell of Slav", "Victory Day" and others.

Фото: Дмитрий Босак

"I was amazed at how people reacted to this action. When rode in the direction of the Brest Fortress, people just go from the official rally. Thousands of people are going to meet, and playing" Farewell of Slav". Someone begins to march, someone starts giving honor, someone raises a thumbs up "- describes the reaction of residents of Brest on an impromptu action Sergei.


In no other city in Belarus and other CIS countries, according to the rider does not admit bikers as in Brest.


"It feels like the whole city comes out on downtown streets. Thousands of people welcomes you. Nowhere there such a large number of people, such an emotional lift."