The reasons why it is necessary to visit Brest!

 Very soon Brest will celebrate its millennium. In the "Tale of Bygone years” the city was firstly mentioned in 1019. Older ten Brest is only Polotsk (862), Vitebsk (974) and Turov (980).

 Brest - the first of Belarusian cities, which received Magdeburg rights (in 1390). Residents of Berestje attended the right to elect city magistrate by themselves, and freed from feudal obligations.

 The first primer on the territory of Belarus is also in Brest. It’s look like boxwood comb XIII - XIV century with the carving in the form of the first 13 letters of the Cyrillic alphabet.

 The first in Belarus Mint was opened in Brest in 1665. During the year of its existence were produced 240 million copper solidus worth more than 2.5 million gold.

 The first plastic surgery in the history of Belarus was also held in Brest. A nobler cut off the nose of the owner of local tavern. Barber sewed it successfully.

 An interesting fact, very few people know about it, the plan of the famous Battle at Grunewald was developed in Brest in 1409, with the participation of the Lithuanian prince, Polish King and Sultan of Kipchak. The battle against the Western European knighthood took place July 15, 1410, it was attended by Lithuanian and Polish troops, Russian and Tatar troops, and the Dukes of Moldavia and Wallachia  with their retinues. Berestejsk banner (regiment) the same took part in this battle.

 Brest Train Station (1883) was named the best in the Russian Empire.

 The largest in the Russian Empire suspension bridge - it was a bridge across the Bug, in Brest.

 The first electric light appeared in Brest before the rest cities (1888).

 For the first time in the course of the school curriculum of the secondary school was introduced subject of Sexology (1920).

 During the construction of the Brest Fortress in the middle of the XIX century was built suspension bridge over the river the Western Bug, at that time the largest bridge this construction in the Russian Empire. The bridge was opposite Terespol gate of the fortress.

 In honor of the city was named a minor planet (3232) Brest, opened 19th of September 1974 by Lyudmila Ivanovna Chernyh.

 An interesting fact, Brest (Berestje, Berastij, Berest, Brisk, Brest-Litovsk, Brest-over-Bug) has always been a city of customs officer, took fee from all goods being transported. In the XII century the wooden castle for cover trade caravans was built. The town stands at the intersection of two major trade routes - one from Galicia and Volyn to Poland, the Baltic States and Western Europe, the other - to Kiev, the Black Sea region and the Middle East. The first accurate post about Brest custom’s income - 1519: various income except fees wax and salt - 500 pennies. For comparison, the current capital of Belarus Minsk in that days had citywide income tenfold less.

 An interesting fact, after a fire in 1525, when the castle was burned and the administrative center of the city, issued a decree banning the construction of wooden houses in Brest. And the first stone buildings appeared in Brest in 1289 yet.

 When Emperor Nicholaj I, the old city was destroyed, his place was taken by a fortress, and built a new city for a few kilometers to the east. As it was a military and border city, to improve visibility forbidden construction buildings higher than two floors. Despite all the hurricanes, fires and wars, Brest remained a prosperous city. This was reflected in the luxury of architectural excesses of the buildings in the city.

 The first film also appeared in Brest and it happened in 1909.

 And now Brest holds his palm. For example, has the best sports complex. Brest was the first city where implemented modern technology of recycling.

 In Brest was first established Free Economic Zone (1996) and Brest was the first who implement the auction model of privatization real estate (1993).