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Minsk Watch Plant is a legendary Belarusian enterprise for the production devices of time, which has been working for 60 years and is one of the few companies in the Soviet industrial system "Chasprom", to maintain complete production cycle, including mechanical movements.
Today the Minsk Watch Plant is a modern automated enterprise, which produces about 200 thousand watches per year, developed more than 1700 models, both quartz and mechanical watches. Case and bracelet are made from materials such as stainless steel, metal, plastic and stainless brass which does not cause allergic reactions while contacting with human skin. The enterprise has developed modern technology of coating of chromium, titanium, zirconium, beryllium bronze, silver and gold on the surface of metal parts, and on the surface of various types of plastics.
A novelty for consumers was the release of watches with diamond-like carbon coating, which is used in areas such as the aerospace industry for the manufacture of sliding and rolling parts; medicine for the manufacture of heart valves and joint implants; engine industry in the manufacture of highly stressed parts. This coating is biologically indifferent, ie, it does not chemically react with the biological tissues (including the skin). The development of this coating became possible as a result of the joint scientific and technical research with the Physical-Technical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Belarus, also other collaborative researches carried out, with a view to introduction of modern innovative technologies.
Also, the company has mastered processing of  spherical sapphire glass for watches. It should be noted that the Minsk Watch Plant is the only of the plants in the former Soviet Union, and the first among other industrial enterprises of the CIS countries has mastered the processing of sapphire, which has the characteristic luster and which is wear resistant to scratches and chipping.
Manufacturing of watches for individual orders - drawing of logos, branding, any other images on the dial and engraved on the watch - is another unique service offered by the Minsk Watch Plant. Total for the month will be ready original gift for co-workers or business partners.