Мotofestival Brest Bike Festival International in 15th time invites friends.



International motofestival Brest Bike Festival International in 15th time  invites friends to hold annually meeting  in the atmosphere of freedom and friendship.

"Peace without borders" is waiting for you!


Date: 29-31 of May 2015

Place: Brest Region, Zhabinka district, tract «Sosnovy Bor»

The wellness center “Orlenok” is located in pine forest on the bank of the Mukhavets River, in Zhabinka district in 30 km from Brest.

Coordinates Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/1P5uT


Official Website if the Festival: www.motobrest.com.

Official groups in  social networks:

FB  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Brest-Bike-Festival-International/396793097147205

VK  http://vk.com/club86708237

ОК http://ok.ru/group/52065772568720

Twitter: https://twitter.com/motobrest

Instagram: https://instagram.com/brestbikefest/



The event is actively supported by Brest Regional Executive Committee and is held with the participation of the Department of Youth. Brest Bike Festival International was recognized as the best festival in the Republic of Belarus and the biggest event in Mototourism the CIS.

 Held in 15th every year since 2000 in Brest. Brest Bike Festival put together more than 5,000 motorcycles from more than 20 countries, the main participants are from Europe and the CIS.

The main feature of the festival is an open, friendly atmosphere. Absence of format and not important belonging to any club. It attracts a wide range of guests from all biker clubs and associations who love motorcycles and values such as freedom and friendship.

Outstanding event in the life f the festival is motoparade. The biggest motocolumn of the country - more than 5,000 participants annually. It's an impressive sight that is never get round by the mainstream media of the country and by many of the townspeople. Intense program includes activities in the center of Brest, performances, competitions and awards from our partners, a two-day show program, celebratory salute.