The Letter to GWCBY

All members of the Gold Wing Club of Belarus!!!
I would like to thank all participants Gold Wing Club on his own behalf, as President Funrider GoldWing Club Norddeutschland, and on behalf of our injured comrade Jurgen.
Many thanks for the fast, non-bureaucratic and skillful assistance in solving the problem that we faced in Poland and Belarus. It goes without saying that the replacement of front wheel bearing is not expensive, but the same operation, which was performed with a high level of professionalism, abroad requires much more effort and preparation. Repair was successfully made by our friends-bikers from Gold Wing Club of Belarus, and in few hours everything was ready to continue the journey.
Said - done, word of honor!
Jurgen met a mechanic at the border. (He was waiting us for more than four hours - it is impossible for the inhabitants of Germany) Together they went to the studio, where the bike was carefully inspected and repaired. After three hours of professional services our biker went on his way.
Many thanks to all of you guys!
If it were not the ambulance of the members Gold Wing Club of Belarus, Jurgen and we would stop this exciting trip.

It is likely that in Germany we could not solve this problem in such a short time and without significant cost.
Thank you as well for the excellent and well-planned meeting in 2014! It was a great, exciting and fun adventure for all of us with humor and warmth of friendship. Thanks again, and a special thanks to the President Oleg and master mechanic Vitalij!
We invite all of you to our national meeting in 2015 Seevetal-Maschen near Hamburg!